Why is it good to live near a river valley?

It’s no more a secret that existence near the water has a lot to propose. Beautiful views, scenic drives, fresh air, fun activities, and many more. But did you know that living near the water has fitness advantages as well? Doctors and researchers are discovering a high list of justifications that living near water is a nice idea for the mind as well as the body. Other than just something nice to look at or enjoy on your vacation, living near the water can improve your complete health.

Also, we know that people are more likely to suffer from mental health disorders in regions with a huger population density. Overcrowding, pollution, urban violence, and less social support may be contributing characteristics, and this is evolving more into a challenge as more people around the world are moving into cities. Especially in countries like Singapore, where everyone wants to reside! 

Natural environments have long been seen as a potential solution since studies have shown that when people are nearer to nature they are less stressed, and their mood and mental health improve. There has been much research into using medicinal landscapes of towns to bring the advantages of being in nature. One such contribution is given by the developers of the Avenir at Rivervalley to fulfill the residential needs with a luxurious life. Being Robertson Quay right around its intersection, it gives outstanding neighborhood eating out options with stunning waterfront views. 

But while a ton of studies have already focused on green spaces, researchers are also beginning to look at the health windfalls of living near water. So far, studies show that people living near water have a shorter hazard of early death are at a lower risk of obesity, and usually show better mental health. These blue areas also decrease the lacuna between less and more comfortable areas in the risk of dying early.

Being close to water enhances people’s well-being. Given that even landlocked cities are built around water forms like river valleys and lakes. 

Blue space near your residence 

The dwelling near to and having more blue areas within your neighborhood cold considerably improve your physical activity status. Blue spaces are also shown to lower stress and anxiety while boosting people’s mood and psychological wellbeing. 

Researchers who are studying the impacts of blue space have also found that people see it as therapeutic, preferable and fascinating, to a built-up atmosphere. Having more spreads of water in towns could expand the health of the population in other ways, such as lessening heat and reducing air pollution in the area. 

Creating blue spaces

The benefits of living near a river would be great but the problem many cities encounter is finding ways to bring them to residents. Meanwhile, Carmel Development has found a way and come up with the Avenir Rivervalley close to the former Pacifica Mansion. 

Creating a win-win-win that combines economic, environmental, and health benefits, this new launch condo has become the dreamland for many.