Why cheap sliding wardrobe doors are bad

Sliding wardrobe doors, sometimes called sliding cupboard doors, are a popular option if you are renovating your bathroom or bedroom and have little space left to create storage. Sliding wardrobe doors offer a great deal in terms of style and functionality, but they do have one big drawback. If you are looking for a long lasting solution then cheap sliding wardrobe doors are not the way to go.

Sliding wardrobe doors are an essential part of any bedroom. They give you a level of privacy and security that is ideal for bedrooms, but they also need to be attractive in their own right.

Tensile strength is a measurement of how much weight something can hold before it snaps. Cheap sliding wardrobe doors snap under very little weight and this can be dangerous or even deadly. Also, the broken glass from the door can hurt whoever is standing nearby when it happens!

The materials that the sliding wardrobe doors are made from are also important if you have small children in the home. Cheap sliding wardrobe doors made from pressed wood can easily be broken into pieces and swallowed by even a one year old child.

Cheap sliding wardrobe doors also tend to sag over time due to their flimsy construction. This will make them hard to open and close as well as potentially damaging the seal on your shower or bathtub.

Cheap sliding wardrobe doors will not last nearly as long as good quality ones and they may cause injury if they break or fall apart while you are standing nearby https://slidingrobesdirect.com/helpful-information/why-cheap-sliding-wardrobe-doors-are-bad.

Trying to get value for money when buying sliding wardrobe doors can sometimes be tricky, because the cheapest ones are often made from substandard materials that look and feel cheap.

Cheap sliding wardrobe doors look and feel bad. They’re often made from materials that creak and groan as you open and close them. They don’t fit properly, or even worse, they don’t stay in place due to poor gluing or lack of a locking mechanism.

Cheap sliding wardrobe doors don’t improve your home as well as a good set would. The storage space that you gain by installing them is only one benefit of having a good set of sliding wardrobe doors fitted by a professional company like us at All About Doors Limited. When you install your own cheap sliding wardrobe doors, you miss out on all the other things that make them good – like enhanced security and insulation against sound and temperature changes.