When it the ideal time to replace your old Water Heater?

Cold winter morning rises the craving for taking a shower in hot or warm water. However, if your water heater is hitting you with cold icy water every time you turn it on and open the tap, this alarms some defect in the system. However, herein such a scenario, you have two options to either get a brand new one and replace the older one or get the relevant repair done.

This blog presents readers a few possibilities that can help you detect the actual issue with the heater and thereby rectify it in time and accordingly:

Electric Hot Water Heater

The first thing you must check before you decide on replacement or repair is the water tank. Often due to prolonged use, the electric water heater tank may experience leakages or malfunctions. That will not only leave your house drenched in water but also disrupt the proper working of the heater, thereby welcoming you with cold water instead of hot water.

If you have evidence that supports leakage, it is recommended to check the electrical circuit breaker or fuse box. If it is completely intact, the next thing to check is the control panel. If there is still water present in the control panel, it is best to get it repaired from a professional expert.

However, if the compartment is completely dry, and doesn’t work even on pressing the reset button, there is no use getting it repaired. Instead, it is the best time to get a replacement. Ensure you choose a company you can trust who guides you appropriately with the workings and after-sale maintenance, thereby saving you a considerable amount of money.

Gas water heaters

Gas water heaters prove to be an efficient stop for heating water. However, it is backed by its set of dangers and hazards. You must first check if the gas is on and next to the pilot light in the absence of hot water. Turn the gas knob setting to pilot and remove the metal plate to see if it is still working. If it is not, it is better to call an expert plumbing professional, a company you can trust to consider. In case the pilot mode is off, then turn off the gas valve and ventilate the area to prevent a build-up of gas.

A typical water heater tends to work well for 10 to 20 years. However, it may require few repairs periodically depending on usage. If the heater completely stops working or disrupts even after repair replacement is the ideal option to save you from danger and extra expense.