When Do You Need The Best Moving Companies


You would like to request to receive free moving quotes, though. But which service to choose? And above all, what does a service correspond to in the world of moving?

What does the moving service depend on? It’s extremely simple:

The moving companies denver depend only on the service that the mover will provide during your move, and, therefore, the work that you will have to provide yourself.

Contrary to what we can read here or there, the moving service does not depend in any way on your volume or distance, nor on the fact of moving locally or to the other end of France, whether this move is done in bulking or not. These elements influence the price but not the service.

The moving services of moving professionals

In moving, and by tradition, there are pre-established moving services. A bit like when you go to a restaurant where you have the choice between the menu and the card, it is the same in the move.

  • The services that we present to you here are “menus”, and nothing prevents you from discussing with the movers who are members of the Moving Professionals to have an “A la Carte” choice.
  • In the same spirit, you can also ask for moving quotes for different services, and want to compare an Economic moving service with the Standard service for example.

Whatever the moving service you choose, the mover will not touch the electrical outlets, it is up to you to unplug all your devices before his arrival (TV, refrigerator, washing machine, computer, etc.), and will not transport hazardous, toxic or flammable material.

Here are the 3 moving services that we offer on the menu:

Economic moving service: With this moving service, the mover will take care of the protection of your furniture under covers, the protection of the bedding under covers, the protection of the HI-FI and electronics, packing of your clothes which are on hangers in wardrobes, loading and unloading of the truck and take care of any parking request procedures. The delivery of supplies will be done as soon as possible after signing your quote. The rest of the work is your responsibility.

Standard Moving Service: This moving service includes all of the economical service, and the mover will also perform the following services: Disassembly and reassembly of furniture if necessary, packaging and unpacking of fragile objects, packaging and unpacking of fragile crockery, protection of fragile elements, wall release (excluding electricity and screws). The delivery of supplies and the handling of any parking requests are always the responsibility of the mover.

Luxury Moving Service:

This moving service will give you a minimum of work since the mover takes care of the packaging of the non-fragile contents, the packing and unpacking of your clothes which are on hangers in wardrobes, the packing and the unpacking fragile objects as well as fragile crockery, disassembly and reassembly of furniture if necessary, wall release (excluding electricity and screwed), protection of fragile objects, protection of HI-FI and electronics, protection of furniture under covers, protection of bedding under covers, and always taking charge of any parking procedures, and delivery of supplies as quickly as possible. The part of the work that will fall to you will be the packaging of your very personal effects, unpacking non-fragile content, hanging up on the wall, and everything related to electricity. But nothing prevents you from requesting additional optional services.