What to Look for in Short-Term Housing

Whether you’re a digital nomad or a college student, finding short-term housing can be a challenge. When you’re doing those searches for “1 bedroom furnished apartment near me,” you should keep these 5 tips in mind.


Before you find that perfect “1 bedroom furnished apartment near me,” you need to consider cost. The general wisdom is that rent, even short-term rent, should not exceed ⅓ of your total income.

Also keep in mind the cost of travel since short-term housing is only temporary.


Location is just as important for short-term housing as it is for any other housing. If you’re looking to stay in a new city for a while before moving their, do your “1 bedroom furnished apartment near me” searching in the neighborhood you want to live in.

If you’re thinking about moving for work or school, try to stay near those communities. Getting a place way out of the way will only make you feel isolated and might sour your whole experience.

Type of Housing

What are your housing needs? Most short-term housing solutions are typically apartments or studios since they are designed to be temporary. If you are taking your family on a longer vacation, however, try looking for short-term home rentals. This helps you in the long run. The kinds of neighborhoods you want to stay in and the type of housing you ultimately want to settle in should match type of short-term housing you’re looking for.

Scam Detection

This is the big one. In traditional renting and homeownership situations, you can inspect the housing beforehand. You might not have that luxury when it comes to short-term housing. Try asking these questions in order to weed out scams.

Ask the renter about the neighborhood but do your homework first. They should be able to answer basic questions like nearby restaurants, grocery stores, and banks. You can also ask for a video tour of the property to make sure it matches the pictures on the listing.

The goal here is to make sure the renter is on the level.

Future Plans

This can be the hardest part of finding a short-term rental. What are your plans for the future? If you’re living that digital nomad life and you plan on travelling around, make sure you’ve got your next stay booked up in advance. Short-term renting requires much more actively planning than traditional renting.

Follow these five steps and your next short-term renting situations will be a breeze!