What kind of Windows Should be Chosen on the basis of the Room?

It can get a tad bit trickier when you have to decide which model of window should be installed in specific places in the home. Every room has a different need, hence different kinds of windows need be installed in different rooms. Here is a guide by La Zone Habitation to the same.

  1. Living room

This is deemed the heart of every abode and it is essential to make such décor and installation choice that help in maximizing the space. The windows in the living room must be attractive and must let in plenty of air and sunlight inside the space. They need to work properly and should let in the pleasant view of nature. The windows to be installed in the living room must be the largest, in other words, you need to customize your replacements. In many situations, you can go for sliding patio doors as they perform double duty by being a functional entryway, aesthetically appealing, floor to ceiling windows. As the windows installed are large but they need to be opened or closed, so always go for the mix of architectural and a functional window like a slider, awning, hung or a casement window. Attractiveness matters when it comes to living room windows, so always go for those which have high glass surface area and wide profiles.

  1. Bathroom

This one is easier. When you know what kind of windows you want to install here, the rest goes easy on you. Here you may want to consider energy efficiency, sunlight, ventilation, and privacy. As the bathroom faces a lot of humidity, when you have an operable window, you can keep the moisture damage at bay. Poor bathroom ventilation can cause mold growth and mildew on walls, windows and tiles. An operable window can keep the moisture related issues at bay. You can go for crank windows when it comes to choosing windows for bathroom. As these windows are supported by compression seal that works when windows are closed up until you open them.

  1. Basement Windows

Here you need a window that acts like an emergency exit when fire or any other emergency situation takes place and needs a window escape. Here you may need egress windows, but in order for them to work properly, they need to pay heed to the standards and regulations when it comes to its shape and size.