What Happens During A Boiler Service?

Carrying out proper boiler service is crucial to getting the best service from the boiler and protecting the family from carbon monoxide poisoning. Due to the importance of boiler service, you must hire a licensed and experienced company to service your boiler. 

During a boiler service, a series of events take place, which you need to know. Read further.

  1. Protecting the Home

During a boiler service, the engineer that will service the boiler must lay down floor coverings to protect your home from oil stains and dirt. During the servicing, the chances are that there will be oil stains and other kinds of dirt that can make your home dirty. It is, therefore, crucial that the engineer protects your home from all sorts of stains. This is also important to reduce the cleaning that will be required after the boiler service.

  1. Physical Examination

Another thing that happens during a boiler service is the visual inspection of the boiler. The engineer will examine all the visible parts to ensure that they are fitted correctly and that none of them is loose or removed. The pipework, the boiler, and flue will be examined as well as the appliance’s ventilation.  

  1. Check for the Boiler’s Operation

This is the stage of a boiler service where the engineer will remove the boiler casing and examine the internal working condition of the appliance. Some of what the engineer will check includes: 

  1. Boiler seals
  2. Fans and components
  3. Electrical connections
  4. Electrodes
  5. Safety devices
  6. Condensate trap and pipe

All the mentioned components play a prominent role in making your boiler work optimally. 

  1. Safety Review 

The next that happens during a boiler service is the review of the level of the boiler’s safe operation. The engineer will assess the boiler through comprehensive safety checks to make sure that it is still safe to use in the house. This is a very crucial procedure in any boiler service, as it impacts on your health and safety. 

  1. Feedback

At this point, the engineer will provide a report of their findings during a boiler service. The report will indicate if the boiler is still safe for use in the house. Any faults will be reported, and an explanation about why they should be fixed will be provided. And if the boiler is in good shape, you will be informed, and proper maintenance and repairs will be carried out.

The above are some of the activities that take place during a boiler service. If you have a boiler service plan with a reputable company, you may not be billed exorbitantly. Regardless, a boiler service is an indispensable part of your maintenance and repair routine.