What are the Standard Sizes of Kitchen Cabinets and Their Dimensions?

The most important as well as common renovation in your home is to replace the kitchen cabinets in order to add value, style and design in your house. Replacing kitchen cabinets is not easy in terms of costs which takes at least 40% of your total kitchen renovation budget, as well as other necessary activities such as determining the right cabinet design, adding the cabinetry for storage increase, relocating the appliances, creating a kitchen island etc. You need to consult with a kitchen designer or a professional from kitchen cabinet manufacturer or suppliers like Entrepot Cuisine who is reliable and competent to help you in providing all necessary assistance on kitchen cabinets and their dimensions.

There are basically three types of standard kitchen cabinets in terms of their sizes namely (1) base cabinet sizes, (2) wall or upper kitchen cabinet sizes, and (3) tall kitchen cabinet sizes or popularly called base cabinets, wall cabinets, and tall cabinets. The base cabinets sit on the floor whereas the wall cabinets are mounted on the walls, and the tall cabinets are normally used as pantry cabinets. All three different types of kitchen cabinets have their own different sizes of height and width and are designed to fit into purposes.

The base cabinets are normally sturdy to form the base of the countertops. The base cabinets may contain a single door, or double doors depending on the needs of the design and may contain a series of drawers or may contain both doors and drawers. The size of a standard base cabinet is 36 inches with the countertop and 34.5 inches without the countertop. In the case of a drawer in the cabinet, the drawer is normally 6 inches tall but when door height below it is 24 inches.

The wall cabinets need not support the weight because they do not have a countertop but need to be mounted appropriately to properly incorporate the plates, glasses and other materials. The wall cabinets come in various sizes such as 30 inches, 36 inches or 42 inches. When the wall cabinet is installed over the base cabinet it comes about 84 inches, 90 inches and 96 inches respectively.

Similarly, the tall cabinets also come in various sizes such as 84 inches, 90 inches, and 96 inches high. As far as the depth of the tall cabinet is concerned it is usually 24 inches deep but you can also get 12 options to trigger the depth of your tall cabinet.