What are the Functions of a Civil Engineer?

The significant areas where a civil engineer works on the site are listed below.


It means to convert the design into fact. It includes the checking of plans, illustrations as well as amounts. Complete the plan, coordinating with the client’s need, engineer, inside as well as a structural engineer.

  • Quality Engineer:

QA, quality assurance/quality control, engineer guarantees that all the products use as well as work carried out are according to specs.

  • Safety and Security Officer:

Responsible for the safety and security of workers. To give instructions, health and safety training as well as the arrangement of well-being devices for laborers from time to time. In case, if precaution is not followed, construction works must be instantly stopped then itself.

  • Planning Engineer:

To manage the assets, i.e., product as well as labor at the website. Effectively arranging the plant and site facilities. Everyday monitoring of building sites consisting of work pressure.

  • Billing Engineer:

Prep work of costs for subcontractors and customers.

The Function of a civil engineer does not restrict to above-stated points. Aside from these; obligations carried out by civil engineers in Maidstone on a construction site are as complies with:

  • To bring to notice if any inconsistencies in drawings, quantities, as well as rates along with to make necessary adjustments if needed.
  • Liaising with specialists, supervisors, subcontractors, organizers, quantity surveyors as well as laborers involved in the task.
  • To keep a close look at surveying works, it means to confirm the limits correctly, and laying out, meaning plotting or marking of the intend on-field/site based on intend on the sheet.
  • To save money on material and work price together with including a shutoff to the structure.
  • Concurring a cost for products, as well as making cost-efficient options.
  • Checking of materials at the time of distribution.
  • Establishing the sequence of work in accordance with the illustrations and specs.
  • To check on safety measures taken by individuals servicing site.
  • Managing technical concerns emerging, if any kind of, during the implementation of the job.
  • Keeping, technological records, a record of illustrations and site journal.
  • Coaching and Overseeing junior or trainee engineers as well as give them health and safety training.