What are soffits on a house?

Soffits are a crucial component of the rafters present on the roof. They serve extremely important functions, from maintaining the aesthetics of your building to keeping your electricity and other utility bills in check. Let’s understand what a soffit is.

What is the soffit?

You must have noticed that the roof walls extend beyond the width of a building. These overhangs of the roofs, which are extending on the sides, are referred to as rafters. The underside of the rafter is given a finished appearance is referred to as a soffit. The purpose of the soffit is to keep the underside of the roof protected.

Why do you need a soffit?

The first and primary function of a soffit is to maintain ventilation. Since the soffit sits on the underside of the extended portion of the roof, it becomes a part of the attic space. Due to the energy from the house and the sun bearing down on the house constantly, the attic tends to get heated. If the heat in the attic is not provided with proper ventilation, it will cause the roof to superheat. Superheating of the roof can cause the shingles to wear down quickly and cause a collection of ice on the roof, which can, in turn, lead to water leaks. Thus, the soffit is not only needed for proper ventilation and keeping your heat levels in check, but it is also needed to prevent water seepage, wood rot, mold, mildew, et cetera.

The soffit also provides your exterior with a finished appearance. If you do not get soffits installed, the underside of the roof will look like your building is still under construction. Soffits are available in different materials and styles like wood grain finish, etcetera. You can get soffits of any color, but most people prefer white to give the most aesthetically desirable look.

Another reason why the soffit is installed is to protect the underside of the exterior roof extension. It protects the roof from damage. It keeps the insect activity and damages away from your roof, protecting it from wood rot and other problems that quickly damage your roof.

If you want, you can have the soffits perforated to allow increased ventilation. If the air can circulate properly, it will prevent the area from superheating. This will ensure that your home stays cooler during the summer months. If you need to get soffit installed, check out https://litcore.ie/soffit.

When choosing the material of his soffit, you will find a lot of options. Most homeowners choose to opt for soffits that match their roof siding. However, which type of soffit you choose for your roof is crucial. Wood and vinyl are normally the two most common items used for soffits. However, they have their own drawbacks. Wood requires painting and scraping, while vinyl can easily get discolored. Alternatively, you can opt for a fiber cement soffit. This will help maintain the aesthetics without having to maintain the soffit regularly.