Warmth A Cold Bedroom above the Garage with A Few Effective Heating Solutions

The cold space above the garage is one of the most common problems faced by homeowners. This room can be a workspace, a bedroom or any other room. If you are experiencing cold in a particular room above your garage, don’t worry you’re not alone here. During winter, the room above the garage is quite difficult to warm. Even in the summer, such space above the garage is also difficult to cool. The constant flow of cold air eventually meets the ground and makes it difficult to keep rooms warm over the garage.

At the construction stage, builders install multiple layers of insulation beneath the floor to avoid cooling the room. Cold air still reaches the floors above the garage through the isolation surfaces. Over time, due to the ongoing effects of gravity, the fiberglass insulation probably comes off. When the insulation falls off, cooler air reaches the floor and the bedroom becomes cold over the attic. So, here we elaborated a few heating solutions that help to warm the room located over the garage:

  • In-Floor Radiant Heating System

Consider installing a radiant heat flooring system to keep the bedroom hot. The system helps to heat the entire room from the floor. The Radiant Floor Heating systems emit sufficient heat. The heat does not only warm up your room air, but also warm other items in the room. The system produces continuous, balanced heat that spreads across the entire room.

  • Insulation

Make sure you invest in an appropriate insulation material after investment in a radiant floor heating system. Get an insulating underlayment that offers a thermal break. The insulation helps you avoid the heat from escaping into the cold floor under the bedroom. A radiant floor heating system will also help to reduce the total energy consumption, other than warming your home.

  • Radiant Panels

If you already have applied both the above-mentioned solutions and you’re the bedroom is still cold, you must find another option. Radiant panels can help here to keep the room pleasant and comfortable above the garage. The radiant panels can be installed on the walls of your bedroom smartly. The same smart technology is used in Radiant panels which are used in underfloor heating and wet central heating system.

The panels utilize Far Infrared heating (FIR). The items in your room absorb heat from the radiant panels in the same way as your body absorbs heat from the sun.