Transform Your House With Clever Interior Designing Tricks

Indeed, it is simple but amazing with easy interior designing tricks providing a completely new look to your house. If you have moved to a new house or staying in the same house, maybe you want to soften your walls or brighten your room or want to add some more warmth to your living room, turn a bit more clever by adding simple tricks to your interior designing, and see you have achieved your goal of completely transforming your home. Get in touch with Lipari Design to transform your home with simple tricks of affordable interior designing.

To begin with, the clever interior designing tricks, take care of your colours while painting the rooms.  You will be mesmerized to know that if you paint your rooms with lighter and softer colours your rooms will feel larger than they are. If you have a smaller living room and you have plenty of furniture and other materials in the living room making the room look much smaller than it is, you can turn it looking large and spacious by pouring natural light through the windows and door and by the light-coloured walls. Placing a mirror preferably large one will add to the miracle of your smaller room looking large by the optical illusion of space. Use your empty spaces in the walls for decorated mirrors preferably facing the windows. This will help in reflecting the light and make the room more laminating and feel larger.

Mix up your old and new decorative materials or old family heirlooms with the new modern couch. Most interior designers would advise you to mix up new and old because it reflects who you are and what is your personality. The old furniture tells the story about your past. Similarly, the modern couch which you were mad to buy also tells a story. There is no reason why your present story and the past story cannot co-exist together. The mixing of old and new, varied patterns and colours will bring texture and warmth to your house.

Try slipcovers for your furniture. They often get a bad rap, but they are truly amazing. They can truly change the look in your room. These easily removed coverings would serve the best purpose of converting your furniture even if your furniture is old and marked shabby. If you have children and your furniture is frequently stained, you should try slipcovers which will give an entirely new look not only to your furniture but to the entire room.