Timber furniture: Checking The Quality Before You Buy

When it comes to buying timber furniture either for your office or for your home, you want to tick off that item from your checklist for at least a decade. You consider purchasing furniture as a long-term investment and want to buy something durable. At present, the market is booming with a timber furniture store, interior decor showrooms, and online furniture shops. Though so many options are available, it is almost impossible for us to know which furniture is better than the other.

To solve this problem here is a quick guide that will help you to figure out the quality of timber furniture while you buy.

●     Quality of the wood

Most of the furniture items are made of wood – hardwood, solid wood, veneer, or plywood, which helps to determine the wood quality. We recommend choosing solid hardwood as it is made with a single piece of wood. Plywood is generally of lower density than solid wood as it comes with cut wood put in layers. You can assess this quickly, once you look at the exposed surface of the furniture that shows the inner raw lumber.

●     Type of wood

Knowing the type of wood is also a crucial point to keep in mind while buying furniture. Woods are of two kinds- hardwood and softwood. We determine that depending on the tree from which the manufacturer prepares it. Hardwood, as the name suggests, is more durable and comes from oak, walnut, maple, Teak, Sheesham, or mahogany. Softwood derived from pine does not stand for longevity. You can consult with the timber furniture store salesperson to know the type of wood.

●     The finishing

While buying a piece of furniture, you should carefully observe the laminate or ply used to spot any wear or scratches. The finishing of the table will tell you everything about the nature of craftsmanship. You can also touch the edges and surfaces to ensure that they are smooth.

●     Check the springs

If you buy a firm sofa, you will see that they come with firm springs while the bouncier ones come with zigzag coils. No doubt you will select the type of sofa according to your liking, but make sure that the springs are in good condition while buying. To check the quality, you can remove the cushion and push down the coil. A good quality coil will spring back immediately.

●     Check the weight

Heavier furniture, no doubt, has a better-quality wood than cheap and lighter furnishings. For a table or sofa made of premium-quality timber, a single person cannot pick it up. You need at least two people for the task. So, before you make the final buying decision ask the timber furniture store salesperson to help you lift the table you choose.

Last, but not least

Irrespective of what considerations you make, it is essential to check the warranty of the furniture piece you buy. You need to rely on this aspect the most while purchasing furniture online. With all the above points in hand, you are ready for furniture shopping and will end up buying the best quality.