The Benefits Of Carpet

The alfombras para uso rudo is a floor covering that could be described as traditional because it commonly pose. The carpet must nevertheless face many received ideas.

The Carpet Is Comfortable

Soft to the touch and warm, it offers well-being to walk. Stroll barefoot freely in your home. The carpet provides a soft and reassuring atmosphere. Like a protective cocoon, the carpet will create a cozy atmosphere that is full of vitality and warmth.

A Wide Choice Of Carpets

Between the wide choice of fibers, weavings, or colors, the carpets offer a range of choices varied and very well-supported. To this is added the reasons. The carpet allows you to create the mood you desire truly. The prints of the carpets or alfombras para sala are declined to infinity: points, squares, geometric designs, linear patterns. With its considerable choice, it’s up to you to let your imagination play.

The Carpet Is Insulating

First of all the carpet is silent, indeed it has a high level of sound insulation. It absorbs impact sounds, footsteps, and shocks as well. Carpet absorbs 10 times more noise than other pisos de vinil tipo Madera

You will no longer hear the sound of heels, the music of your children would be mitigated. The carpet is often placed in places requiring acoustic comfort. The thicker the carpet, the greater the sound absorption will be.

On the other hand, the carpet is an excellent thermal insulator. The carpet retains heat and homogenizes it in your room. This allows for significant energy savings. 10% of the heat that would be lost with the contact of a hard floor is retained by the textile floor carpet.

The Carpet Is Healthy

Carpet retaining dust particles allows for better air quality in your home. The composition of the rug is almost always without VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), which helps to improve your indoor air. More and more carpets have the emission class A +. The latter certifies that your carpet emits no harmful substance to your home.