Security Industry Authority (SIA) Description


SIA security guards Bristol play a vital role in curtailing crime. Those working in this position ought to be highly capable, guaranteeing the well-being of others, as well as the safety of clients’ onsite property.

No experience is essential for certain positions, while others prefer some sort of security experience. Be that as it may, an SIA license is an absolute necessity for those working in the sector. Also, workers in the construction site security Bristol may require a CSCS card; however, full training is usually provided for this.

The SIA license expects applicants to finish a short course in security, a criminal record check, and a psychological well-being check. Jobs that provide on-the-job training offer an exemption from the training part of the SIA.

Filling in as a security guard frequently includes shift and end of the week works, while temporary contracts are additionally regular. Time-based compensation can vary, yet will in general meet, or simply surpass the national minimum wage.


Security Guards or security officers usually deal with individuals, resources, or structures. Their responsibilities are firmly identified with procedures to avoid damage and robbery cases. These guards can work for several companies, for example, airports, banks, retail shops, and open establishments. They may monitor intruders by patrolling areas or checking CCTV.

A Security Guard usually performs most of the following assignments:

  • Searching luggage, aircraft, and passengers at airports.
  • Building patrol
  • Report writing for the police.
  • Welcoming clients.
  • Controlling who enters and leaves an event.


The necessary skills required from every SIA security guard are as follows:

  • Being trustworthy and honest.
  • Quick decisions ability.
  • Maintaining calmness under extreme cases.
  • Having polite manners.
  • Having suitable physical fitness.
  • Being able to work with CCTV and other security equipment.
  • Being able to memorize different faces.
  • Having teamwork skills.
  • Being able to follow instructions.
  • Being patient and flexible.


Security Guard job employments do not require academic qualifications, but a decent education background can be a bit of advantage during applications. Organizations need a Security Industry Authority (SIA) license for this job. A few employers can check criminal records and work experience

Third party agencies may require the Security Industry Authority license or training with 18 years old or more. SIA training usually lasts for four days but may last less for applicants with previous security qualifications.