Sanitary Facilities With A Focus On Bathroom Furnishings

Anyone who builds a new property and renovates, renovates, or refurbishes and remodels a house that has just been bought will pay particular attention to the bathroom furnishings. We looked at the current trends in sanitary facilities. Even if you can still buy toilets cheaply, there are, in principle, no limits to the new options and thus prices. With a little financial investment, you can turn your bathroom into a luxurious wellness area. Quadwalls advises you to stop for a moment and do some research before buying a new washbasin, shower, or bathtub.

Take a look at many offers before installing new toilets in the bathroom or guest toilet. We usually only renovate or refurbish our bathrooms after around 30 years. A lot has happened in the bathroom and sanitary equipment market during this time – you will be amazed! However, the basic requirements vary greatly when redesigning the bathroom.

Sometimes there is a completely new building, and sometimes there are only minor changes to the sanitary facilities such as new toilets in the bathroom or guest toilet, new tiles, a whirlpool, or new lamps. Even such supposed little things visibly enhance the bathroom. If you have the means, however, you can turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa area.

 The Bathroom For Your Personality

 The residents’ personality is not only expressed in the living room and bedroom but also in the bathroom. There are endless possibilities to bring your style into the design of this area. A white, minimalist designed bathroom can convey timeless elegance and a subtle reference to the strictest cleanliness and hygiene.

The industrial style also works in this direction, turning details such as steel lamps into eye-catchers. In this case, the gold-colored faucet and wooden tiles generate heat. Other people prefer the opulent bathroom with an Italian design, here overall, darker tones dominate.

 Trends In Bathroom Design

The trend in recent years is clearly towards a more homely bathroom. It has long ceased to be seen as a mere functional space. Even simple elements help with the cozy design, including a mirror with a baroque frame, a ceiling light instead of neon tubes, or the very chic retro fittings. This gives the bathroom a vintage style. Those who prefer Art Nouveau choose tiles that form a colourful mosaic.

The nostalgic bathroom is supported by the towel cabinet made of natural wood, beautiful candlesticks, and the free-standing bathtub. Even an oriental bathroom or a country house style are interesting options. This includes seating and, depending on the room’s size, a changing room in the bathroom. This then takes on very warm colours, floorboards, or even carpets come onto the floor. The residents like to stay longer in such a bathroom.