Residential Roof Replacement: FAQs answered

For majority of the homeowners, roof replacement plans can be quite overwhelming. You may have several questions in your head like cost involved, expectations, timeline, whom to choose, etc. You need to contact a trustworthy Roof Replacement Colchester company to derive expert advice.

FAQs on new roofs

  1. Is there a need to replace my existing roof?
  2. Several reasons might require you to replace your existing roof. Some common reasons cited are old age, fire breakout or storm damage, etc. A few commonly noticed signs indicating roof replacement include the following:
  • Shingle damage (curling, buckling, warping, etc.)
  • Old age (over 20 years)
  • Damaged roof valleys
  • Excessive shingle loss
  • Mold growth
  • Water leaks
  • Spongy or bouncy felt while walking
  • Shingle granules present within gutters
  1. What is the time span of a new roof?
  2. The roofing system’s lifespan for multi-story and single story residential properties is around 20-30 years. The average lifespan revolves around several factors. However, a few significant factors include installation quality, material type used and maintenance level. Wood shake roofs, can last for thirty years while asphalt shingle for 20 years and fiber cement shingles for 25 years.
  3. Time taken for new roof installation
  4. The total time required for new roof installation by the Roof Replacement Colchester experts depends on several factors. It includes materials to be used, square footage, overall project complexity, prevailing weather and crew. Average timeline cited for roof replacement is around 1 day to several days.
  5. Cost involved in residential roof replacement
  6. Total cost involved to replace existing roof depends on several factors. Primary considerations are roofing materials, square footage and roof accessories. You should also take into consideration the charges of the Roof Replacement Colchester company. The standard American home is likely to cost around $3,000 – $9,000 for roof replacement.
  7. Can I carry out DIY new roof installation without professional help?
  8. Roof replacement is a complex task and requires the right resource, skills, expertise, experience and knowledge. It is also equally dangerous for amateurs without the right tools. The professional Roof Replacement Colchester company will send their best team to carry out the task. They will have adequate training, modern equipment, tools and also will take adequate precautions. Hiring them will be more affordable and safe than carry out the task yourself. Moreover, they will be insured, bonded and licensed.