Red Flags to Avoid When Hiring a Plumber

Are you in search of a local Sydney plumber?

The task to find a local Sydney plumber should be easy. You can just look for them on the internet or ask for referrals from your family members, friends, or business colleagues.

However, keep in mind that advertisements and word of mouth marketing will only give you what you want to hear or see. That’s why in this article, we will talk about the red flags that you should avoid when hiring a plumber. We will discuss what you need to observe before you pick a plumber to hire.

Red Flag #1: No License and Uninsured

If someone refers you a plumber without a license or uninsured, it’s best to move on and look for another one. You should avoid working with this kind of plumber because it can cause more problems.

More often than not, unlicensed plumbers never had training. Their plumbing knowledge is from experience only. Hiring someone with experience is good, actually. But what if things go south and things don’t work out how they should be? Insurance companies don’t cover damages done by unlicensed contractors. You’re going to shoulder all the cost of repairing the damages done to your house.

Red Flag #2: Only Brings Essential Tools

A professional plumber will have a van or small box truck with all his equipment and tools. So if a plumber only arrives with a toolbox, then you should consider hiring another one.

The plumbers’ preparation is one thing you should put your focus on. If they arrive without having the proper tools, it’s more likely that fixing your plumbing problems will take a little longer than usual since they don’t have the right equipment. Also, the repair process could be costlier– the plumber might need more time to fix the problem.

Red Flag #3: Phone Solicitation

Never trust plumbers who do phone solicitation. There’s a big chance that you will pay a large plumbing bill if you take their offers.

Phone solicitations are also known as bait and switch. Usually, the plumber will offer a free service. Then after that, they will suddenly tell you that there’s something you need to replace or fix. Of course, the repair or replacement process will come from them. And more often than not, the price is costlier than usual.

Red Flag #4: Gives Estimation Immediately

Yes, experienced plumbers might have an idea of how much repair processes cost. However, it’s still best to avoid plumbers who give you estimation without even checking the problem personally. The reason for this is because there are factors that can affect the overall cost.

More often than not, plumbers charge the repair process depending on your home structure, plumbing system, and ease of access. If they have no problem fixing the problem in your house, there will be no additional costs. They may even charge you less if the problem isn’t that serious.

Red Flag #5: Offers Low Price

There are many local plumbers that offer cheap services. Though they may be the right choice, you should still consider other options. If a plumber offers cheap services, it’s either they are in a startup phase or using substandard equipment, tools, and materials.

So make sure to check if the plumber has experience or not. Visit their website or social media pages to see any reviews or feedback from their previous clients. Also, check the cost of the materials or replacement parts that they are using. You could face bigger problems in the future if the plumber is using cheap and substandard parts. They tend to break easily. There’s a chance that you’ll need plumbing service again in no time.