Laundry Room Organization Guide

It’s not fun at all to do laundry but that space can at least be adjusted in such a way so we can finish the chores right away and know where everything is placed. If you own a larger room with washing machines, you might need help with it so be prepared when you are making interior design changes. This will help you keep your house clean unlike in most homes where everything is piled up.

You probably didn’t think too much about reorganizing it in a proper way but many famous people hire professionals to do it for them. If you can’t afford to hire someone you can do it yourself but it will take some time and effort. If you can afford it check your local designers or furnishing company that have people that can help you out in finding something for your house.

Laundry Sections

When you know what you will throw away and what you will sell, you need to make sections and check where you will sort your clothes, where you keep hampers, and where will be your washing machine and other appliances. These small things matter because many people find them going upstairs to iron the clothes and then again go downstairs to fold them.

There are a few items you need to make it functional including ironing board, baskets, drying rack, counter space and the rest depends on your needs. The way you want it to be designed is to make the space as efficient as possible. Try to save as much space as you can so you can have enough room for things like towels, blankets or even clothes that you are not using at the moment. Find out more here: 

How Will You Use It?

Before you start reorganizing everything and buying new shelves and other items, you need to know what you will use the laundry room for. If you plan to do everything from using appliances like a dryer and washer, it will take a lot of space. There is also a storage supplies section where you can place soaking items.

You might not have enough room to place everything so getting help can be a smart thing to do. Write down everything that needs to be placed and check where you can put it. This will help you visualize the whole room and how would you function.

Organization Tips

One of the things that are becoming very popular is magnetic organizers that you can place on the wall and use for small appliances or items that you need to keep laundry room tidy. The second thing that most people forget to do is to label storage units and even write notes on your appliances if you have something to do in the future so you won’t forget to do it.

Glass containers are something that you use for dryer sheets and detergent pods because it looks amazing and you will see right away what you stored there. When you are buying stuff for your room, make sure you have a place for a mop and broom holder which hangs them so you won’t need to place it in a bucket. You probably didn’t saw a fold-out ironing board for a while but its’ a huge space saver considering that many people just place the board in the middle of the room.

Open clothes rod is also one of the options you can have because the clothes you will put there are usually items you won’t need on daily basis. But, you can take them out right away when you need them and they will always be outside so you can check them from time to time. You can even attack them under certain shelves and hand smaller things you have.

The more you invest the easier it will be is probably the biggest truth about laundry rooms. This is because some appliances can do more things and you will have space and time. Most of them are more expensive so it depends on your budget which you can count it when planning the makeover.

How to Remodel?

The first step in remodeling is creating a layout that will work for you the best and also figuring out the materials that you will use. Consulting with a professional might be a good idea because some materials preserve better clothes, cleaning items and similar things that can be found in the laundry area. They should be durable and resilient that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance but are water-resistant because there can be high humidity.

Creating a budget is the next step and it can go up to $5000 depending on how big the area is and what you are planning to do. In most cases, it ranges between $700 for small changes and a couple of thousand for bigger changes. Decide what things are most important to buy so you can make a budget based on their prices. Click here to read more.

If you plan to do everything by yourself, you will need to get the right tools for the job. This might not always be a great move because you will need to spend money and time managing the project instead of having someone to do it for you. This depends on how much time you have on your hand and the budget.

The last step is getting the job done so organization is probably even more important because you can mess it up a lot if you just start changing things. You might not have enough materials than you need and you will have to waste time shopping again while living things unfinished. The floor is the first thing you would want to finish because you will need to remove all appliances.

Sink, cabinets and countertops and the next thing to set up and you can start placing stuff in them. Another thing you can do before this is painting so you won’t need to remove the furniture. And in the end, you would personalize the area how you would like it to look.