Know the different outdoor decking options available

These days, people seem to be interested in constructing outdoor decks in their HDB flats and private homes. It is fast becoming a fashion the world over. Patio space and balcony is the latest trends. Therefore to create a comfortable and stylish oasis, it is important to select the best outdoor Nottingham Decks material. Doing so will allow your family to sit and relax during sunny afternoons.

Nottingham Decks options available

  • Eco-wood composite deck: It is considered to be an enhancement from the conventional types. It uses eco-friendly construction process with mixture of composite and wood. Thus, it enhances durability and strength of the decking material. Composite wood deck of superior quality is found to be stronger as well as durable when compared to conventional wood deck materials. It uses advanced material technology and is much better with regards to UV resistance. On the other hand, low quality composite decks are likely to change color with time due to exposure to ultra violet rays. Another important aspect is heat resistance. This aspect should be taken into consideration if the deck is to be constructed in any outdoor, unsheltered area like the swimming pool. Moreover, eco-wood composite Nottingham Decks come with heat resistant properties, since it has natural wood in large percentage.
  • Outdoor wood deck: It is a commonly used outdoor flooring option available in teak, iron wood and Chengal wood. Its cooling characteristics are what make it a popular for exterior decking construction. The wood species get graded with regards to their durability, strength, age, dimensional stability and hardness. It requires half-yearly maintenance to ensure longevity and retain its original strength. For this, you need to provide fresh varnish or paint as deemed suitable. Improper installation could cause deck warping. Hence, it will be wise to hire professionals who are experts in constructing Nottingham Decks.
  • Treated soft wood: High walk-in traffic and outdoor decking projects are not recommended to use soft wood species. But providing chemical treatment can make it durable, stronger and harder. Soft wood decks being slightly malleable may experience wear & tear due to constant foot traffic. The surface will also appear unclean. Hence, coating should be done thrice a year with dark wood paint and not light or clear wood paints.

Taking the help of the qualified Nottingham Decks professionals, you can make the right decision and investment.