Is marble an ideal choice for kitchen countertops? Find here!

You have decided to renovate your kitchen – Congratulations! The next obvious step is to find the best materials for different needs – countertops, worktops, kitchen island, and backsplash. Marble has long been a traditional favorite for countertops. You check for options like to Granite au Sommet marble to know more on how to use the material better. So, how does marble fare as a countertop material? We are taking a look at the good and bad for your help.

The best things about marble countertops

Countertops are expected to be functional, durable and practical, and often, functionality takes a backseat. That’s not the case with marble. You can choose to have a marble countertop, which will tick all the boxes. The beauty of marble is deniable, and if you can invest in a white marble countertop, nothing like it. The material is good and handles heat rather well, especially when compared to some of the other materials. The cost of marble countertops doesn’t have to be exponentially high, especially when matched with quartz. Marble is also easy to source, so no matter where you are located, you are likely to find a vendor.

The odd aspects of marble

Marble is not a great choice for kitchens, at least for some homes. This is because the material is prone to scratching and is porous. Marble countertops can get stained in no time, so you have to clean the surfaces immediately after use. There are some protective sealants available that can protect marble, but even with that, you have to be a tad more careful. In other words, if you are frisky in the kitchen or like to use countertops extensively, marble is not for you. Maintenance is a concern with marble, so keep that in mind.

How does marble compare with granite and quartz?

As far as countertops made of granite and quartz are concerned, maintenance is not much of a problem, so marble does have a disadvantage in that context. Secondly, granite is considered to be much more durable.

Final word

Marble countertops are great in terms of aesthetics, and we totally recommend this for most homes, as long as you can be a tad more careful about maintenance. Find a vendor and ask for ideas, and based on the material you choose, you can get an estimate in advance. With granite and quartz, you can always do a comparison, and it all depends on your needs.