Important Pointers to Consider when Renovating your Kitchen

Creating a functional kitchen from the ground up is difficult. There are many things to consider including your budget, floor space, needs, and others. To survive a kitchen renovation, you need to think about Renovation Cuisines Vima to ensure you are working only with kitchen professionals. Also, here are tips you can consider:

Consider How You Use the Space

A lot of people who have big space think that more is more in kitchen renovations. That is why they maintain a significant distance between the island and the countertop broader. However, this approach will usually make cooking and cleaning harder. While your kitchen can feel open, inviting, and airy, you do not want to walk 15 feet from your refrigerator to your range. The best way to set things up in the kitchen is through a working triangle. This means the sink, refrigerator, and the range must be arranged in an equilateral triangle when you map them out. 

Consider Lighting

Experts recommend surface-mount fixtures attached to the ceiling on a grid. Because the bulb is below the ceiling’s height, you will get a more even light. Also, you can hang larger light fixtures over islands. Keep in mind that cabinets can block light from falling onto countertops, so ensure to plan for some under-cabinet lighting. 

Invest in a Good Stove

Your stove is the most visible and most used appliance in your kitchen. If you have to replace and upgrade a kitchen appliance, consider your stove. You can find stoves in different colours and styles, offering you a range of options. To help with ventilation and make a statement, think about getting a hood for the range. 

Think about your Countertops

Ensure your countertops are 24-25 inches and have a bit of an overhang. This way, sauces can fall onto your floor instead of onto the cabinets.  Also, you want your countertops to align with your style. In terms of natural countertops, marble is always at the top of the list because it tends to wear naturally.

Choose High-Quality Flooring

A lot of homeowners opt for a stone floor for durability. However, cooks are more comfortable to stand on wood. Bigger tiles let you have a few seams, which is a problem area that traps food bits that fall on the ground. If you can afford, put a radiant tile heater under the tiles during the renovation. You will want to step on a slightly warm floor every time you go to make your morning coffee.