How to Recognize Signs of Water Damage to Your Basement

Are you suspecting that your home is suffering from water damage? Do you want to check your home for possible water damage but do not know what to look for?

Here are 5 ways you can recognize signs of water damage to your basement.

1. Excessive Basement Moisture

Even if there is no standing after in the basement, excessive moisture in the basement in addition to musty smells and sagging show that there is basement water damage. Water may be seeping through the cracks in the foundation. With a high level of humidity, water has leaked into the foundation and other structures in the basement. The only solution to prevent damages is basement waterproofing.

2. Buckled Sheetrock

When the sheetrock has been exposed to excess water and soaked up, it will be affected. Apart from water stains, the sheetrock will unavoidably become buckled, showing signs of excess water and moisture in the basement. Even the sheetrock behind the toilet all must have absorbed too much water. As a result, it will bend, curve, and warp. The damages will be costly to fix if allowed to worsen over time.

3. Pests

If you have been having issues with mice and rats in your home recently, the chances are that there is water damage in your basement. These pests live and thrive in damp environments. So, basement water damage such as cracked walls, foundation, and gaps in the joint where the wall and floor meet may be playing host to these pests. Immediately, you start seeing the pests, you should start making efforts to restore and finish your basement waterproofing.

4. Swollen Drywalls

Another sign of basement water damage is swollen drywall. Due to exposure to excessive moisture or water in the basement, the drywalls around the basement can bubble up and become swollen. This is a sign of severe water damage. Call water damage restoration professionals as soon as possible to complete your basement waterproofing.

5. Rusty Metals

It is unarguable that water makes metals rusty. If you look carefully at metals like nails, iron rods, and binding wire in the basement and they have rusted, know that the basement is either getting flooded or water seeps into the foundation to cause high humidity that causes the metals to be rusty.

The 5 signs discussed above are the evidence of water damage in your basement. The only perfect and effective solution is basement waterproofing. Contact a professional basement waterproofing contractor and have your basement fixed.