How to Get Rid of Your Unused or Preowned Office Furniture

There could be various reasons to have your office furniture gotten rid of. It could be because you are changing location to another county where you anticipate a better business, or because you are scaling up and would like to get a new set of furniture that befits your new status. It could also be an unpleasant effect of the economy that wants to make you pause for a while. No matter the case, you can have your furniture disposed of in a number of ways:

Get Office furniture liquidators

These are your surest link. They specifically deal with the purchase of office furniture. They will come around, validate the credibility and worth of the furniture, and then they will extend their hands for a deal. They will liquidate your asset; give you cash and then everyone smiles and leaves.

Go to thrift stores

You can meet with folks at the local thrift stores to tell them about your intending sales. You can agree to sell to them while they resell at their own convenience or you could have a discussion to have your furniture up in their space for a certain percentage cut of the sales. Different stores have different policies; you can go for the one you consider the best for you.

Set up an auction

You can make a local or online advertisement to show that you will be auctioning different sets of office furniture on a specific date and venue, possibly your office. Auction is one of the surest ways to get good prices for your furniture; the highest bidder gets the furniture while you get the highest pay. This could be prestigious if you are selling furniture pieces with crafts, designs, or antique emblems. 

If you are not one who is into selling their properties or assets, then there are other things you can do:


You can swap your pieces of furniture with someone who needs them and has another value to offer you. If you think the value they have to offer commensurate with your furniture’s value, then you can go ahead with the exchange.

Give it out

People always need furniture fittings and accessories. You can look for someone around whom you think might need it. Or you could put up a sign “Furniture for Grabs” to speak to interested persons and choose whom you think is right to give them to. Furthermore, there are some institutions with a furniture reuse program, who will be happy to receive your donation. They have programs that help them to give out furniture to those that would be needing them. People like you, with a good heart, are great propellers and contributors to their course.

Consider Recycling Agencies

The dumping or burning of furniture is improper to mother earth and the lives of humans that are around. To help the ecosystem and the planet, you can contact any recycling agency near your place and tell them of your intention to be disposed of your office furniture in an eco-friendly manner.