How To Control Mosquitoes


Mosquitoes are quite attracted to moisture. That’s why an area with standing water may be infested with a high mosquito population. So, living near a pond or body of water is dangerous if you’re attempting to avoid mosquitoes. Also, areas where water accumulates and stands, such as a junk yard with discarded tires or other items that can hold rainwater can be the breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Mosquito control begins by examining where the mosquito population is thriving. Upon, discovering where they proliferate, the next thing you should do is eliminate the elements that attract them to that spot. If it’s a stagnant body of water, consider filling in the spot with soil. If it’s a junk yard with various discarded items holding small pockets of rainwater, set up a standard schedule for the consistent removal of items that hold standing water. This will reduce the areas where the mosquito is likely to thrive.

Another way to eliminate the proliferation of a mosquito population is to reduce their access to potential blood donors. Install screens on your windows, porch, decks, patio, etc. Open air areas are prime targets for the mosquito population. Close those areas off from their easy access. Screens are excellent mosquito control for the home.

Deet-based mosquito sprays will deter all potential bites. When you spray exposed areas of your body with this repellent, the mosquito can sense it and will stay far away from the area of your body that has been sprayed. The length of time the repellent is effective depends on the amount of Deet in the insecticide. The depth of hunger the insect feels will determine its willingness to feed anyway even though your skin has Deet sprayed on it. So, you may be bitten even though you have sprayed your skin with a mosquito repellent.

The key is to spray often and to spray the area around you, as well as your skin to ensure mosquitoes don’t try to bite you. This is the most effective way to use mosquito repellent.

What Attracts the Mosquito Most?

1) People with type O positive blood type
2) Those who drink lots of alcohol
3) Pregnant women
4) If you wear perfumes or scented lotions
5) If you sweat a lot
6) If you eat salty foods and/or potassium rich foods like dried fruit, bananas, and avocadoes.
7) Wearing dark clothing outside.
8) People with high body temperatures, so if you’re exercising outside or indoors, you’re more likely to attract mosquitoes.

The goal should not be to stop living, but there are reasonable ways to lower the mosquito’s access to you. Start with limiting the areas where mosquito populations can grow. Get rid of every area near your home where standing water can accumulate. Put screens up on every window that may ever be opened and in every outdoor setting of your home. Limit your alcohol consumption, wear light colored clothing, and eat less salty foods. With these changes, you should limit your exposure to mosquitoes and suffer far fewer mosquito bites.

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