How to choose a desk lamp for your desktop

When choosing a desk lamp for your desktop, pay attention not only to its design. Be sure to take into account its functional characteristics and recommendations of ophthalmologists.

Working at the table with documents, books, notebooks, it is difficult to do without a table lamp. Overhead lighting in the dark is not enough to work comfortably. In order not to strain your vision, you need a soft side light.

What to consider when buying a lamp for a work area?

A lamp illuminating your desk has two main tasks: first, to ensure the convenience of working with documents; secondly, to protect your eyesight.

To choose the right working desk lamp, consider the following guidelines:

The best materials for the shade are glass or durable high-quality plastic. Low-quality plastic can melt when the light bulb burns for a long time, and the metal shade can heat up and burn if accidentally touched.

Pay attention to the color of the shade: pastel shades or green are preferred. It is no coincidence that the green table atollo replica lamp has become a classic cabinet! Ophthalmologists claim that green helps maintain visual acuity by allowing the ciliary muscles of the eyes to relax.

But you shouldn’t screw a green light bulb under a green shade – the lighting will be insufficient. In general, you should not choose colored bulbs for table lamps. The best choice is warm white or warm yellow light. Cold white light tires the eyes.

An opaque light bulb is preferable – it does not give glare, providing even illumination.

A conical or spherical shade is preferable, since the reflected rays will dominate the illumination. Diffused light is more beneficial to the eyes than direct light.

The optimal incandescence of a light bulb in a work lamp is 60 watts. A bright 100-watt light bulb will greatly heat not only the lampshade, but also the air around it. In addition, from a white paper, the light of a 100 W light bulb is reflected too brightly, from which the eyes quickly get tired. If the area of ​​the table is large, it is better to buy not a more powerful light bulb, but a lamp with a flexible leg, which expands the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe table covering.

A good choice is a luminaire with a rheostat (dimmer), which allows you to adjust the degree of illumination. Here are just fluorescent energy-saving bulbs are not suitable for it. By the way, if the work area is next to the bed, then the lamp with a dimmer can also be used as a night light.

The lamp should be placed above the table so that its luminous part is approximately at eye level (this is 35 – 40 cm from the table top). So lamps with adjustable height and tilt are the most comfortable.

If you have a computer on your desk, position the lamp above the monitor.

A table lamp with a flexible leg, more comfortable than a hinged one. And more durable.

When turning on the work lamp, do not turn off the overhead light in the room. The rapid transition from a lighted area to darkness negatively affects vision. When you look up from the brightly lit paper, you may even feel a sharp pain. Convenient when the switch is on the table lamp stand and not on the cord.