How Much Do Bathtub Liners Cost? A Bathtub to Showers Fullerton CA

If you have your own bathtub at home, you’ve probably heard of the term bathtub liner. But to those who do not know what this is, it is something that’s installed to an existing bathtub in order to improve the bathtub’s ability to withstand damages.

Bathtub liners are popular for their amazing characteristics such as antimicrobial resistance, high scratch resistance, high impact resistance, stiffness, high resistance to bathroom cleaning chemicals, good molding characteristics, UV resistance, and high dimensional stability.

If you’re planning to replace your old bathtubs with bathtub liners, consider the following important notes. There are numerous brands that offer bathtub liners such as Bath Fitters and Bath Planet that offer 100% acrylic tub liners installed by their professionals.

There are also custom bath liners that offer a 1-day liner and wall panel installation for $3,000 as a beginning price for some tubs. According to their site, they sell nothing but cheap yet high-quality tub fitters.

On the other hand, there is also a Home Depot where you can buy tub liners. These tub liners are created from heavy-duty, high-gloss materials that will not crack or peel.

Bath Wraps, a company that sells bathtub liners offer a lifetime warranty to their products. Now, you are probably already wondering about the price of bathtub liners in these brands or shops. Installation of tub liners depends on the brand you want your tub liners and the additional features that you want to be put up in your tub.

Some of the features are matching wall panels, shower surrounds, shelves, grab bars, and built-in soap dishes.

If you are a wise homeowner, you may call an expert from your chosen company for an exact estimate of the bathtub liner and installation fees. Companies like Bath Fitter are open for a free consultation. In this way, you can select what features you should install in your bathtub.

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