How Do You Style A Small Bathroom?

Styling a small bathroom can be as exciting as designing larger rooms. Dark walls generally elicit a certain elegance, richness, and simplicity. Dark bathrooms make a bold and dramatic aesthetic that no matter the size create a moody, cozy vibe that no amount of decorating can take away.

While darker shades are absolutely beautiful and timeless, there are some important things to keep in mind when utilizing them in smaller spaces. First of all, you want your decorating ideas to work for you. If you have ample storage solutions but little floor space, a two-piece vanity set is a great way to dress up a small bathroom while still being visually efficient. If you can’t find any storage solutions to speak of and your bathtub/shower space is tiny, a vanity unit paired with a tall cabinet is a perfect solution to both short-term dressing and long-term organization.

When it comes to styling a small bathroom, plenty of mirrors can help achieve the look you desire. Mirrors provide lots of visual reflections that can make your bathroom seem much larger than it is. If your mirror isn’t a framed one, consider placing two framed mirrors on opposite sides of the room. Using a magnifying mirror is also a great way to ensure that you get a true reflection of yourself. These can really help to create the illusion of space and help to alleviate the feeling of claustrophobia.

Speaking of claustrophobia, dark walls with a ceiling that’s higher than your eye level can be intimidating. One great way to combat this feeling is by using mirrors to frame dark walls and then arranging your shower curtain to reflect the beautiful contrasts between the two walls. If your walls are painted a neutral color, painting the trim and the shower curtain a contrasting color will also add some drama to your styling of the room. You can even use stencils to create beautiful portraits of yourself and decorate the walls. These are just a few of the many ideas that can add interest and beauty to small bathrooms, and they all start with a little imagination.

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How Do You Style A Small Bathroom? [Infographics]