How Do You Know Your Windows Are Bad?

Even if you don’t realize it, windows and doors also contribute to the safety of your home. So, if the windows are bad, you must react by repairing or replacing them immediately. To know that your windows are bad, check out the following signs.

Wear and tear

Don’t assume your windows are good; check out its various parts to notice wear and tear. Are there signs of decays and rots on your wooden windows? If yes, repairs cannot solve the problems. So, get an expert to help you replace the windows.

Moisture and molds

Another way you can tell is that your windows are bad is that you may see molds growing on the windows. This usually occurs when moisture is coming into your home via the broken or faulty windows. Depending on the extent of damage, you may be able to repair the windows. If not, you need window replacements.

Worn-out windows

If the double glazing cannot stay in its right place or you can see rots on the windows, then the windows are bad. The only solution to a worn-out window is replacing it with new ones.

Windows are difficult to operate

Have you been experiencing difficulty when trying to close, open or lock your windows? This problem can sometimes occur because you have been using the windows for a long time. In other cases, the problem may be associated with poor installation, decayed windows, or warped frames. Based on the specific causes of the issue, a window and door contractor can help you replace the parts that have problems or simply replace the whole windows.

Jammed windows

Your windows are bad if they are jammed or stuck; thus, making it impossible or difficult for you to open them. This problem may be because temperature changes over the years have expanded and contracted the woods; thereby, forcing them to go out of shape. Jammed or stuck windows may sometimes allow water to come into your home. Also, it may be difficult for you to use these windows, especially during an emergency escape. 

High energy bills

Typically, your windows and doors are supposed to shield your home from the effects of the temperatures outside of your home. However, when the windows are bad, the reverse will be the case as the temperature inside your home will be almost the same as the temperature outside. If this persists, you will have to use your heating and cooling system more often to cope with the weather issues. As a result of this, your energy bills will increase.

Of course, you can deal with this problem by installing energy-efficient windows. Make sure that the windows are double- or triple-paned, low-E glasses that are filled with krypton or argon gas.

Finally, if you notice any of the signs mentioned above on your windows and doors, it is time you contacted a window and door contractor that can help you replace the windows. Without a doubt, your investment in replacement windows will make your home safer and more aesthetics.