Home Security: Costly Mistakes You Should Avoid


A great deal of time and money goes into owning a house and making it into a home, and for most people, their home is one of their most prized possessions. Protecting the integrity of such properties is undoubtedly a core concern for homeowners; however, some human errors could undermine this integrity making the home less secure and more vulnerable to attacks. Here are some costly home security mistakes that homeowners should avoid:

  1. Having a ladder in your backyard

Always ensure ladders are kept in the storage shed or garage immediately after use. And if you stay in a two-story house, make it a habit always to lock your upstairs windows.

  1. Having Inferior Quality Window and Door Locks

The better your door and window locks are the more deterrent your home is to being burgled.

  1. Having Valuable properties too Close to a Window

Valuable properties when kept within arm’s reach of the window could give burglars a reason to break into your home. Such valuable items should be placed as far away from the window as possible, and if they must be placed near the window, the curtains should be closed at all times.

  1. Having your Alarm System too close to a window

Experienced burglars, if able to get a view of the alarm system installed in a home, will know if the system is armed or not and may be able to bypass the alarm. Alarm systems should be kept as far away from the window as possible.

  1. Hiding a key under a doormat or anywhere outside

Experienced burglars know the old trick of leaving a key under the doormat or any object outside the door. These are some of the first places they will look when attempting to break in.

  1. Lacking a Reliable Security System

Get as much security systems installed as you can. Although dogs can be used, this shouldn’t be the sole security system in place.

  1. Leaving your Garage Door Open

The garage is an easy link to the inside of your home and should be kept locked at all time, especially when you aren’t at home.

  1. Leaving your Yard untidy

Overgrown trees, overflowing trash cans, and bushes are some of the things that burglars could take cover in and lay in ambush. A clean yard makes for a safer home.

  1. Poor Outdoor lightening

When there isn’t enough outdoor lightning, burglars can hide in the dark areas. Proper lightening and motion sensors can be put in place to prevent this.

  1. Using Counterfeit Security Equipment

Counterfeit security systems can be easily tampered with, and this could leave your home vulnerable to attacks.

Upping the security level of your home is very achievable. However, the process requires that various security measures are put in place and practices adopted to deter burglars. The right choice of locks for your doors and windows could make all the difference. Consult with an experienced and proven 24 hour locksmith today to turn your home into the secured fortress you desire.