Have you know the features to check on Poly Winding wire

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Among the wide range of poly winding wires have you know the specifications to look onto the wires. This wire is also famous by the name of submersible cables to use on the water surface. If you are looking for this wire for winding purpose you have to check some qualities on the wire. Look on this article to know the usage of poly winding wire based on the applications. 

Working applications

The submersible cable will manufactured with the outstanding properties to work on electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical applications. Even the winding wires of poly cable can work with different types of transformers and motor to control the electrics flow on coils. The stability of the material is can able to withstand against the abrasion from water and the losses, saves against the friction.

How to find the supportive cable to work on under water?

Among the different types of submersible cable, the quality of the cable can be defined from the measurement on specifications. The presence of special purpose meters on the specification will reflects the quality of the cable. Things to look on the specification are listed below.

  • Check the conductor nominal diameter in MM measurement
  • Measure the MM of tolerance
  • Check the unit of resistance by calculating the ohms/Km and compare it with the 20 degC
  • Measure the Diameter of the whole wire in MM
  • Weigh the amount of poly wrapped wire and calculate it by Kg/Km
  • Measure the minimum of elongation in Percentage

What are the advantages of using the Poly Winding wire?

Poly winding wires for motor pump is insulated with the polyester and polypropylene to work on the high temperature from mechanical abrasion. The pure Copper on the wire is being as a source to winding the wires. The required standard for motor will be varies according to the purpose of winding, know the benefits of using the poly winding wire for the motor from the below mentioned lists.

It saves your cost of pump

Due to its highest quality it can work excellent against on mechanical, chemical, thermal and electrical properties. It controls the losses in friction and water abrasion by this quality it save space for using other type of wires. Working condition will improves to save the cost from buying the new one and repairing the motors.


High quality body resistant

The layer of the wire body is mounted with the special properties to avoid the tearing from any condition. The bi-axially oriented insulation on the poly winding wire has the propagation of strong shield to protect from the tearing.

Resistant on winding

The entire surface of the wire was properly insulated with the polypropylene material to provide the best resistance against the winding process. 

Remarkable stability in mechanical work

The thin cross section on the poly winding wire is remarkably resistant to cut through the stress and prevents general abuse from the scratch abrasion. The synthetic b-axial material on the wire makes it to retain for long time.