Fine Choices for the Sprinkler Options

Bringing the right amount of water needed for the needs and development of each of your potted plants or in the ground in a targeted way, this is the goal of the surface drip irrigation system. Thanks to the variety of models and the complementary accessories available, your irrigation system is built and evolves according to your needs and those of your plants. For the sprinkler repair fort worth this is important.

Integrated with many models, the watering timer allows you to choose the times and duration of watering. So you can leave home with peace of mind.

  • Thanks to the adjustable dripper, you can adjust the flow of water that flows.
  • The misting nozzles allow, as for them, to dust the stems and the leaves of your plants and to make clean slate of the insects that could elect residence on these.
  • Integrated into your drip system, the sprinkler system (barrel, oscillating, rotary or static), allows you to cover a wider area and offers a much better water distribution.

The buried watering system

Also known as the integrated system, the underground watering which consists in placing underground a network of several paths (nozzles or retractable turbines) is particularly adapted to the automatic watering of large surfaces. Remember to integrate a moisture sensor that will allow you to monitor and control the hydration of your plants.

Are you going on vacation or should you be away for several days? To avoid the risk of returning to your return your plants and your lawn completely withered and burned by the sun, plan an automatic watering system! From the simplest to the most sophisticated, you will necessarily find the one that best suits your garden and your needs.

Gardena irrigation controller

Even if you plan to install an automatic watering system, it is necessary to do some small work in your garden to prepare your departure and help your plants to better withstand the drought.

Soil the soil to remove weeds, which are often water hungry, and break the earth’s crust, which prevents water from entering the soil. A hoe is better than 2 watering.

Cover the ground with a layer of 5 to 10 cm thick mulch (cocoa hulls, straw, grass clippings, pine bark, flax straw, etc.) to keep the soil moist and limit evaporation due to wind and sun. For the vegetable garden, you can also use films or mulch cloths and to learn more, read our tips on mulching.

Firmly fold the perennial deer (geraniums, lady’s mantles, red valerians) and spread the faded flowers at the plant’s feet. Remove the flowers in formation and the buttons.

  • Group your pots and planters in a shady place, sheltered from drafts.
  • The day before departure, water copiously your pots, massive and lawn.
  • Ask about the weather forecast for the next few days to adjust your watering systems accordingly.
  • To make your plants more resistant to drought, opt for a long weekly watering rather than a daily watering.

Garden watering systems of the garden: how to make the right choice?

Before buying all the necessary equipment to supply water to your plants during your absence, take the time to analyze your needs. Do not hesitate to make a drawing of your garden by indicating the plants present, the water arrivals , the electrical outlets. This will give you a more precise idea of ​​the type of watering system to set up.