Features Of Remote Monitoring That Ensures Better Safety For Premise

Manning each and every area and entrance is sometimes not possible. Especially, when the estate size is quite large or the premise is frequented by large number of people regularly, maintaining safety standards become more difficult. The use of remote monitoring eliminates the need of manning all exits and entrances when these are integrated with the smart locking or electronic security solutions. Listed here are some of the features of remote monitoring that prevents the mishaps like burglary, etc. even from knocking the door.

  1. Perimeter protection

The security system providers or remote monitoring solutions expert assess the area first. They, accordingly, decide the perimeter of the area entering which can be called intrusion. In case of creating child-safe solutions, one can use this perimeter to decide the safe boundaries for the child. If this boundary is crossed, the parents or caretakers are alarmed with the help of alerts and thus, dangers of various kinds to the child are averted. Remote monitoring using CCTV surveillance helps in keeping an eye on children without snatching away their freedom of exploring things too.

  1. Panic alarm activation

Remote monitoring system offers the support for panic alarm activation. The residents can raise the panic alarm in case of fire, burglary, someone falling sick suddenly or passing out and get the much needed help without wasting precious time. The onset of any alarming situation has some very precious starting moments and panic alarm is useful in utilizing those moments to save life and property.

  1. Intruder alarm activation

CCTV surveillance is an important form of remote monitoring and it can be integrated with the intruder alarm. This service proves to be quite useful when your house is situated in very remote areas or have very large area surrounding the main building. Perimeter protection and intruder alarm work simultaneously and ensure busting the plans of the intruders while securing the property and inmates too.

  1. Use of multi-integrated systems

The concept of remote monitoring also involves integration of multiple systems. For example, CCTV surveillance can be integrated with attendance records for computing payroll. This surveillance can also be combined with the door entry systems to ensure seamless movement of people carrying heavy loads. Hospitals, hotels and large estates have some areas which may not be manned but may require seamless movements of the goods and people. With the help of remote monitoring, these areas can be secured properly and the movement looks unrestricted too.

  1. CCTV motion detection

Any undue motion in the areas like gardens, car parks, etc. needs to be caught on time to avoid car theft or unauthorized transfer of goods. This aspect of remote monitoring is helpful in maintaining security of the godowns, car parking areas, child’s play area and so on. The CCTV motion detection can also help in securing the children from making dangerous moves when integrated with the perimeter protection feature.

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