Faux Wood Blinds: Where Beauty Meets Versatility

Faux Wood Blinds FAQ

Faux wood blinds are a great choice in window coverings for any commercial or business space. They have many virtues that all property owners are not aware of. Here is a list of the answers to your questions about this type of window covering.

Faux Wood Blinds: Where Beauty Meets Versatility

Faux wood blinds were created to take the place of hard wood blinds as an upgraded product, but at a lower price point with many more advantages. This is a timeless, classic and elegant window treatment choice that is also very versatile in their design and appearance that can be fabricated to your exact specifications.

Elegance in Appearance

Faux wood blinds will instantly add elegance and beauty to any commercial space you choose to utilize them in. This is a window treatment that never goes out of style and it is everlasting–meaning that you don’t need to upgrade or change them for many years to come–if ever. No one wants to have to purchase window treatments over and over for a business or commercial space. Faux wood blinds are a solution to your shading needs as a permanent decision. Faux wood blinds appear exactly as hard wood blinds. They are made from a vinyl or a vinyl and real wood blend in which you still see the stunning lines of wood grain that is so loved by all.

Faux Wood Blinds at a Lower Price Point

Faux wood blinds are a great alternative to hard wood blinds as they are available at a lower price point. It’s less expensive to fabricate blinds of faux wood and these savings are passed on to the buyers in turn. They have all the same characteristics as real wood blinds, with the savings of the materials being passed on to you. This translates to you being able to decorate many more windows at the same price as a few hard wood blinds and you can still expect the exact same level of beauty and attractiveness from the blinds.

Resistant to Moisture and So Much More!

Hard wood blinds have a distinct disadvantage when compared to faux wood blinds. Real wood does not hold up well in areas with high moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchens or even any commercial window that you open in the summer and let humidity touch the blinds. Even the warmth of the sunlight in the Denver area that shines through the windows on hard wood blinds will create humidity and allow them to warp. Faux wood blinds are a much more superior product and they are made in a manner where they are resistant to moisture and humidity. Moisture and humidity can cause wood blinds to warp, start to swell and expand, thereby breaking the vanes when you try to open and close them. In addition, faux wood blinds will not peel, crack or discolor from the sunlight shining on them through your windows. This all means that faux wood blinds are more durable and longer lasting than most any custom window treatment on the market.

Your Choice of Colors and Varieties

You have several color choices and varieties to choose from when you purchase custom faux wood blinds. They are fabricated to fit your windows perfectly and they can be stained or painted in any color you wish to match your style and decor seamlessly. You may also have choices in the vane width size to suit your needs. Smaller vanes may appear too busy in a large window and a thicker vane works better for this application. Large vane sizes look odd in smaller windows as they make your windows appear much smaller. These choices add a great deal of flexibility to all of your decorating options.

Recyclable and Environmentally Friendly

Faux wood blinds are much more environmentally friendly than hard wood blinds. When you purchase faux wood blinds, you are contributing to reduce the number of trees that are cut down to make window coverings. In addition, faux wood is fully recyclable, so if you ever replace them, you can have peace of mind that you are “going green” with your choice.

Lighter in Weight

Faux wood is much lighter in weight than hard wood blinds. A lighter weight will last much longer and be more durable as it will not put extra stress on the lifting mechanism on your blinds. Wood blinds will often need repairs to the lifting mechanisms due to the heavy weight and stress on the system.

How to Clean Faux Wood Blinds

Another great attribute of faux wood is that it is super easy to clean this type of material. You can simply wipe them with a feather duster every so often to remove accumulated dust or debris. If you should happen to have any type of spill on them, you can use a damp cloth with a bit of dish soap on it to gently and quickly remove any spots or stains. Since they are totally resistant to water, you could even clean them outdoors on the outside of a window with a garden hose if need be.

Faux wood blinds are a great choice for any space in which you may need window coverings. They are durable, long lasting and elegant. Plus, you can dress several windows with faux wood for the same amount it would cost to dress one window with a hard wood blind.