Different ways to create a Vintage Style Bathroom

If you are looking to upgrade or completely refinish the bathroom, opting for vintage style is a yes. The kitchen and bath renovation look unique with vintage kind of elements. This also does not go out of date. But you may have a question as to how this is done.

Below are some amazing ways to get that vintage look for your bathroom.

  1. Tile work

You can work upon tile which takes a cue from early times. For example, green penny tiles are incorporated in the black-and-white borders of bathroom floors. The white bathroom gets a complete retro look with daisy motifs. Also, the subway tile is one to go for as it is affordable. You can mix it with grey grout for making cleaning easy.

  1. Vintage fixtures

Various classic fixtures are available in the market. The kitchen and bath renovation involves such kind of installation too. The shower curtain rod with a complete dramatic effect can add up to a vintage look.

  1. Textures

Worn wood, weathered surfaces or curtains which are crumpled can give a vintage style look. You can opt for dark metro tiles or velvet texture which can give more depth to the bathroom design. Even it is good to use aged metallic elements or wallpaper which was part of the Victorian era.

  1. Pedestal sinks

Instead of going for double sink vanity, choose a pedestal sink which is expansive too. You can get a good amount of counter space too. Also, using its bathroom looks classic and fresh at the same time. Elegant sinks are used a lot to give the bath a vintage finish. In addition to that, a chandelier adds sparkle to space.

  1. Construction was done in chic style

To give vintage appeal to the bath, you can convert a dresser into a vanity. You can get under-mount sinks by cutting the top. This can help in differentiating between the dresser frame and countertop. A timeworn mirror and a small cabinet hung on a wall can take anyone to the past era.

  1. A clawfoot bathtub

To add up to the vintage look you can go with the freestanding bathtub.

  1. Colors which are not too bright

It is often seen that a bathroom with a simple color like black or white can add up to the classic look. It is something striking about such shades.

  1. Choose the right metals

Instead of opting for chrome or shiny metals, look for dull ones. For example, copper, wrought iron or bronze can give the complete vintage look to your bathroom.

  1. Wood cabinets

White plastic cabinets are modern or contemporary looking elements. Thus, you must opt for varnished wooden cabinets which were common during craftsmen era. Also, natural beauty of wood enhances the bathroom.