Designing a Green Office Building? Follow these 5 Tips.

Nowadays, demand for green buildings are on a rise. It is a very popular trend when it comes to office design. Green office has so many benefits to provide that it helps in reducing your carbon footprint and being profitable at the same time. It also helps in keeping your energy bills and environmental impact to the minimum so as to increase your productivity levels and business image at the same time. If you are designing a green office building, follow these steps below.

  1. Always choose green products

Select your office equipment and furniture carefully. Always use recycled, refurbished, reclaimed, and sustainable items. According to Stendel Reich industrial architects, you must choose quality products that are durable and are local to save up on the shipping costs. Ensure the products you are selecting are assessed as ecofriendly.

  1. Include natural light

Never underestimate the advantages of natural light in your office building plan. When you design an open office workspace, it lets the light in. Steer clear from adding any kind of interior wall as they are totally unnecessary. When it comes to privacy, you can always consider installing glass or even glazed partitions that let the natural light in to permeate in the entire room. Always go for energy efficient lighting. Low energy light bulbs tend to last longer than the typical bulbs as they only use a fraction of the energy.

  1. Reuse and recycle by all means

There is more to buying new office supplies and furniture. Select the design elements that have resulted from renovations or demolitions. It is generous of you to donate away the furniture you don’t need instead of just throwing it away. A green office is all about efficient waste policy. Instead of having garbage cans nearby every desk, you should place them centrally as the part of recycle areas.

  1. Have proper insulation

One of the most environmentally friendly ways to cut down on the energy usage is to add adequate insulation in the entire office space. Most of the offices are full rarely, so add a separate radiator or thermostat in your office building to let workers lower the heating and cooling as required.

  1. Have proper ventilation as well

A proper ventilation is a must for a green office. Everyone in the office needs clean air to breathe. Ensure to use paints and materials that have a low rate of VOC. Have plants throughout the space. They look appealing and helps in purifying the air as well. If the space allow, install windows that when you open them, it lets fresh air in.