Creative Ideas For Basement Renovations

If you’ve been using the basement as a storage area or a laundry room and want to make the space more exciting, there are several ideas you can incorporate into the basement area to make it an area where you and your family will love to spend time. If you’re not sure how to renovate your basement, these suggestions could give you the inspiration to make the basement into a more welcoming and exciting area.

One idea you may want to consider is to make the basement into a second living room. You can paint the walls, add window treatments and include furniture in the basement that looks similar to the living room on the main floor. Or, you can use a casual decorative scheme so that the basement will serve as a den or family room and the main floor living room can be a formal space for entertaining guests.

If one of your children is getting older and wants to have their own space or your son or daughter will be attending a college or university close to home, you may want to convert the basement into a living area. You’ll have to work with a contractor to ensure the basement is a safe space when you want to install plumbing for a bathroom or a kitchenette. Once you get the proper coding adherence to start decorating and renovating your basement, you can treat the basement like a bedroom area and start painting the walls, adding window treatments, measuring the area for a bed and additional bedroom furniture and adding special features like lighting or an entertainment center.

A wet bar is a great idea for the basement if you entertain friends and family often and want to create an additional space to entertain your guests. Again, talk to a contractor who can work with you to prepare the basement for appliances like a kitchen, stove and refrigerator, and make sure you can prepare food and beverages in the area safely. You can also add seating to the basement and a television and entertainment system so you and your friends can enjoy a game or watch movies in the space.

If you want to achieve and maintain your health goals, you can turn the gym into a fitness center. It doesn’t take as much decorative effort to make the basement your own personal gym; the space will be much more appealing if you add your favorite exercise equipment. However, you may want to talk to your contractor about the best flooring for the gym if you want to engage in activities like yoga or step aerobics. A contractor can also assist you with installing the proper wiring for a music system or flat screen television that you can use to make your workouts go quicker.

Think about your family’s needs or your hobbies and interests when you’re thinking about remodeling the basement to ensure you’ll be satisfied with the space. Take a look at some finished basements for inspiration and stay in touch with a qualified contractor for building requirements to ensure you’re happy with your basement.