Composite decking Stockport, an oasis of serenity

Composite decking Stockport, is it the same as wood? It appears similar but the materials vary greatly. There are different combinations.

What is Composite Decking?

The ingredients in composite decking Stockport, primarily has wood and plastic. They are sourced by recycling materials, and are an eco-friendly choice. Composite decking has recycled content to 90% and the sources are post-consumer and post-industrial material. The raw materials are wood chips, sawdust, and wood fiber.

Composite decking looks very much like wood, and its installation is easy. The composite decking brand is available in a variety of patterns, shades, and colors, besides varying lengths and widths. The techniques of construction vary for traditional wood decking and composite decking. It is because composite decking new boards are done on a pressure-treated sub-structure lumber. It is the reason that composite decking offers a smooth touch, provides excellent traction and is barefoot friendly.

Composite decking Stockport has mainly wood flour from the recycled materials, crushed minerals, polyethylene, or PVC. The composite with mineral base has a blend of minerals and polypropylene mix. It also includes calcium carbonate, making it 35% lighter to wood composite. It offers best strength, and there is no thermal contraction or expansion, and no water absorption.

Composite decking benefits

Composite decking delivers better results in comparison to the traditional pressure treated woods used for decking. The difference is in the composite types manufacturing, and the ingredients used to make them. It helps consumers determine the right choice. There are composite decking benefits such as:

  • No painting required, no staining, thereby saves money and time
  • High durability
  • Vast color selection
  • Slip and weather resistant
  • Easy to install and clean highlighting low maintenance
  • No risk of splintering, rotting, warping, or cracking


Composite decking Stockport is safer when installed correctly. It reduces the accidents risk, with children, old, and animals. The decking board in composite material has no installation fixtures exposed that it often has a clean and seamless finish. Thus, there is no serious hazard for big or little feet and your pet paws.

The composite decking boards are excellent and much different from wood that gets wet and expands. When sun shines the wood dries thus causing the timber decks to warp, crack and splinter. Timber with UV protective coating and regular maintenance also has broken limbs and it is slippery by nature. On the other hand, the composite decking boards go on for a longer lifespan due to its durability and strength.