Common signs of having a clogged drain

It could be that you are noticing bad smells emerging from your toilet, kitchen sink, bathtub or shower. Every time water is run in the sink, there can be heard gurgling noises from the toilet. This means, your drain is clogged and requires immediate fixing by the licensed El Cajon plumbing contractors. They slow down all the household chores and can leave a mess around. You cannot neglect or avoid it, but get it fixed by the professionals.

What are the common signs of facing clogged drains?

  • High water bills: You may suddenly notice a sharp increase in the water bills received. If so, then it can be due to leaks or clogged drains. Clogs result in waste buildup within the pipe, leading to breaks or cracks appearing in the pipe. This in turn, causes water to leak in huge amounts near the clog, thereby impacting the water bill significantly. Clogs if noticed should be attended by the qualified El Cajon plumbing contractors. If not attended on time, they will only develop into major problems and cause more expensive damages.
  • Changes noticed in water pressure: You may perhaps notice changes in water flow or pressure. This is a sign of experiencing clogged pipe. Change in water pressure might occur in all the taps simultaneously or any of them. This largely depends on the area where clog is occurring along with its severity. Once you notice pressure change, call the El Cajon plumbing contractors. Such issues might also be symptoms of severe underlying problems like broken or cracked pipe.
  • Wet spots & dampness: In case you experience a clogged drain, then diagnosing the main issue can become easier. Identify for damp spots occurring within and outside the home. In case, the water lines or drain pipes fail to function properly, then try to identify the moisture places. Also find out unusual wet spots present in the lawn that could signify leakage. The El Cajon plumbing contractors can help fix all types of plumbing issues be it big or small.
  • Foul smell: Drains start to produce bad odor as they accumulate waste over time. This clearly shows that the pipes are experiencing some problem that should be fixed by the certified El Cajon plumbing contractors. Pay attention to the smell emerging from the toilet, kitchen sink, bathtub or shower. Stronger smell only reflects serious issues that need immediate attention by the experts.

Getting to know the signs will allow you to seek help of the industry experts before the problems gets manifolds.