Best interstate removalist service in Sydney

Interstate removal means transportation of goods to a location situated in another state within the country. If you are in Sydney and need to shift your household or office to another place in Australia, then you require the services of a professional packers and movers which are well versed in interstate removals. Interstate removals must be carried out in a highly efficient manner to avoid problems at state borders and loss or damage during long distance transit. There are multiple reasons to Place your trust in Nuss, for interstate removals Sydney.

Countrywide network

The network extends to all the places within Australia. Whether you are moving to Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth or any other city, Nuss offers the best removal service. Apart from big cities, the network also covers small towns. Thus, door to door delivery of goods is offered for all places in other states. The agents at the target locations ensure that the goods are delivered safe and sound to the given addresses.

Full proof packing

When it comes to interstate removals, the company does not limit the packing to conventional materials. The packed goods are loaded into special storage containers made of steel. The packed goods are provided additional protection against shocks and jerks inside the containers during transit. This is achieved by wrapping the packed goods with paddings and blankets.

Safe transport

Interstate transportation of goods is done using railways. The containers are loaded on the goods trains using all kinds of loading equipment. The local crew at the target location collects the containers and delivers them at the correct address at the right time given by the customer. A checklist of all the items is provided to both the customer and the local crew so that there is no confusion or dispute.

Pet transportation is also offered to other states from Sydney. The packers and movers work with reputed pet transport companies to safely transport pets. The crates best suited to specific animals are used for transportation. All legal requirements of transporting animals are also handled by the company.


The entire process of interstate removal right from pre-move survey to unpacking at the final location is monitored by a coordinator. The coordinator ensures that the process is completed smoothly within the given timeframe.The customers are also provided assistance by the coordinator regarding the proper ways to prepare for moving. During transit, the coordinator keeps the customers informed about the status of their goods. The move coordinator can also ensure that the goods are not only unpacked but also arranged in the new house or office if so desired by the client.

Reasonable rates

Competitive rates are quoted by the company depending upon the volume and types of goods and other factors. Packing cost is also included. There are no hidden costs at all. An upfront price quote is provided to the customer after the move coordinator conducts a pre-move survey. The specifics such as number of containers required, equipment required, number of workmen, etc. are determined correctly before the move and a price is quoted. There is no overpricing. The price quoted prior to moving is what the customer pays as there is no cost escalation. Naturally, extra is charged for pet and car transportation but at affordable rates. Secure online payment options are provided.