5 Tips to Preventing Home Foundation Problems

Several homeowners experience foundation problems at least once in their lifetime. And many wonder how to tackle and prevent such issues. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered in this article! You will find out up next to the most important tips to prevent home foundation problems!

1. Do frequent plumbing maintenance

One of the principal causes that lead to foundation problems is leakage from plumbing. Eater can infiltrate and modify your foundations’ consistency and result in cracks and foundation shifting. Usually, this is a hard issue to spot early on, but frequent plumbing maintenance done by a professional plumber can prevent pipe damage and leaks.

2. Improve your drainage system

Another cause of foundation issue is moisture gathering and settling in the soil around your foundation. Excess moisture favor erosion, which will diminish the soil’s ability to support foundation walls. So, it is best to make sure your soil slopes away from the foundation to allow the water to drain. And don’t forget to do proper maintenance to your drainage system. You will be able to spot problems and fix them before they manage to damage your foundation.

3. Place your lawn sprinklers correctly

Lawn sprinklers are more than necessary for any property. Those systems are created to keep your grass healthy. But at the same time, you need to position them correctly to prevent watering the foundation. Too much water can lead to foundation problems, as excess water will definitely gather around it and favor cracks or similar issues. Also, a piece of good advice is to keep your sprinkles off during the rainy season to prevent water build-up around your property.

4. Make sure nearby plants or tree roots don’t affect your foundation

Tree and plant roots can absorb all the water from the ground, which can have a direct impact on your foundation. You can avoid this by positioning your outdoor plants at a significant distance from your house. You should prevent any tree from touching any part of your home. This is a sign that its roots can affect your foundation, as it is too close.

5. Invest in basement waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is the most efficient and professional method for keeping your foundation free of problems. It is a technique in which specific materials are used to prevent water from penetrating your foundation. It is all about using qualitative sealant materials, and in some situations, you might require a draining system, like a sump pump. Still, it is best to choose the services of a professional team, as basement waterproofing is a multifaceted process that can be done both in the interior and the exterior of your foundation.

Overall, you can prevent foundation problems with maintenance and proper care for your property. Still, our advice is to consider basement waterproofing as your starting point. This is an efficient method for preventing cracks, buckling walls, water build-up, or soil erosion.