5 Things to Bear in Mind When Renovating Your Home

Renovation can help you turn an “average” house into your beautiful dream home. But a successful home renovation requires more than a vision. You need to plan ahead. Draft a budget. Communicate with all parties involved. Most importantly, you must be able to adapt if things go wrong.

Professional home renovation experts have spoken! They’re sharing their best advice for identifying unexpected areas and parts of the process which you may not have considered. Here are five of their favorite tips to help you get started:

Understand What You Have to Work With

Say you’ve chosen the perfect couch or table. Then you get it home – and it can’t even fit through your front door! That’s why you should measure each room before starting renovations. Learn exactly how much floor space you have to work with. How high are the ceilings? How big are the windows? What are the dimensions of the door? The more details, the better!

Write down these measurements in a notebook. Take them with you every time you go shopping. Sit down with them to brainstorm ideas. Use the measurements to help choose well-fitted furniture. A too-large table or too-small rug could make a room awkward and uncomfortable. Meanwhile, proper sizing can make even the smallest room feel airy and inviting.

Consider Effects on Lighting

Did you know that every change you make can alter the lighting in a room? Most hopeful home renovators don’t! In particular, dark floors, walls, and furniture can make a room feel dim. You’ll need lots of natural light to counteract such a “gloomy” mood. Meanwhile bright, stark white rooms can give people headaches. Too many artificial light features in one room can cause the same problem.

For a quick – and unnoticeable! – fix, paint the sills and edges of your windows a lighter shade than the rest of the room. This will help the natural light spread throughout the entire room. It will remain much brighter throughout the day! The result will be a warm, comfortable, inviting room which you will love spending your time in.

Communicate with Contractors

Throughout the renovation process, you will likely work with many different contractors. These can include electricians, painter, furniture installers, duct maintenance professionals, and more. Don’t just keep quiet and let the experts “do their own thing”. In fact, professionals recommend the exact opposite!

Keep communication open with each contractor that you hire. Talk regularly – in person, not just over text or e-mail. Explain what your goals are as well as any concerns which you might have. Check in with them throughout the process and share your opinions. Leaving all commentary to the end is unhelpful. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even difficult technical ones. Staying well-informed throughout the process. This increases the likelihood that your renovation efforts will be successful!  

Minimize Dirt and Grime…

Renovating your house is a messy process. You can limit the filth by following a few helpful suggestions. First, clean all affected rooms. Several small cleaning sessions is the most effective and efficient. You don’t want to be stuck attempting to remove every stain and bit of dust at once after the renovations are complete.

Additionally, keep your furnace off and your vents covered while renovations are ongoing. This limits the amount of dust which will get sucked into your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Clean vents are an awesome goal to strive for. Dust-clogged HVAC systems often function poorly, trigger indoor allergies, or even break down entirely.

…But You’ll Still Need Some Cleaning

Your fire and smoke extract ductworks will probably still need a cleaning once your renovations are complete. These ducts help keep you safe in your own home, and should never be allowed to function at less than full efficiency. Removal of smoke and foul odors from your kitchen and other areas of your house is crucial for the good health of everyone living in the home. Plus, it provides helpful protection against potential fires.

Find the silver lining of this dust cloud by embracing the opportunity to upgrade your ducts, install new ones in your kitchen, or replace them with higher-quality alternatives. Reach out to a duct specialist who can give your entire system an update while other renovations are ongoing. There’s absolutely no better time to treat your lungs to the clean, perfectly circulated air they deserve!

Of course, once your renovations are finished, it’s time to give your entire house a thorough deep cleaning. Remove all traces of dust, dirt and other nasty residues which the improvement process may have stirred up. Once that’s complete, you’ll be all ready to relax in your gorgeous, safe, and most importantly of all clean dream home!