Home Treatment for Laryngitis/ Hoarseness

laryngitis 300x195 Home Treatment for Laryngitis/ HoarsenessLaryngitis is a viral or bacterial infection of the voice box (larynx). The most common cause is a cold, but it can also be produced by allergy. Symptoms of laryngitis are loss of voice, an urge to clear your throat, fever, tiredness, pain in the throat, and coughing. Hoarseness can be caused by yelling or cigarette smoke and displays symptoms similar to laryngitis.


  • If you have a respiratory infection, take time to treat it so that the infection won’t spread to your voice box.
  • To prevent hoarseness, stop shouting as soon as you feel minor pain. Give your vocal cords a rest.

Home Treatment

  • If hoarseness is caused by a cold treat the cold.
  • Rest your voice by not shouting and by talking as little as possible.
  • Stop smoking and avoid other people’s smoke.
  • Humidify the air.
  • Dink lots of liquids.
  • To soothe the throat, gargle with warm salt water (one teaspoon in eight ounces of water) or drink honey in hot water, lemon juice, or weak tea.
  • Healing will take place within five to ten days. Medication will do little to speed recovery.

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